Sunday, August 24, 2014

Land rights training for the leaders


NAFSO is leading land rights campaign among affected people around the country.  Kalpitiya fisherfolk communities affected by tourism zone in Kalpitiya is one of the area where we work. Irudeniyaya communities around 13 villages affected with the proposed elephant corridor from Kahalla- Pallakele wild life sanctary to Hakwatuna oya reservoir. Mullikulam community affected with militarization and then tourism promotion in the area.  Negombo people affected from tourism promotion and islands of the lagoon are being occupied by investors. Simillarly, Paanama people in the east coast are face military threats at the begining and now the issue is same as many other places. The military occupied land now converted to tourism and Paanama Lagoon Cabana is running by Navy with super class rates.
All these places, it is farmers, fishers, fish workers and women are the worst hit with these activities.
How to face these issues is our dilemma. But this should not undermine the brave and committed engagements of Somasiri, Dinesh, Pathmanathan, Suba, Kumari, Shirani, Abey, Saman and many men & women in those places.
We have conducted the land right training  for these leaders at NEGOMBO NAFSO Training center on  09 th and 10 of August .
Main focus 
*To conduct the Social analyzes to understand the issues and found the root courses.
*To Educate  on VGGT and GSSSF
*Educations of Land Law and UN mechanization.
*To prepare action plan for the Future

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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Sri Lanka’s Response: ‘Sri Lanka Reiterates Its Continued Cooperation And Engagement With The Work Of UNHRC’

IDPs and Land rights from the speech made by Minister of External Affairs and Leader of the Sri Lanka delegation at the High Level Segment of the 25th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today (05th March 2014).
Full Text Of The Sri Lanka’s Response: ‘Sri Lanka Reiterates Its Continued Cooperation And Engagement With The Work Of UNHRC’ -
A total area of 1,980 sqkm, which is 96 % of the areas identified for demining have been cleared as at the end of December 2013. 70 % of the demining was carried out by the Sri Lanka Army
This paved the way for the expeditious resettlement of internally displaced persons. 297,000 Internally Displaced Persons who were housed at Menik Farm Welfare Village immediately after the conflict in 2009 have now been fully resettled and this facility was closed in September 2012. Action is being taken to expedite resettlement of the remaining 7,094 IDP families in the North and the East. Of this, 5,585 are currently staying with host families. The Government is also working towards finding durable solutions to resettle approximately 75,000 Muslim who were forcibly evicted from the Northern Province by the LTTE in an ethnic cleansing exercise, over 20 years ago. Further, a study is underway with the collaboration of the UNHCR to establish whether there are any hitherto unreported displaced persons and the report is expected by end March 2014.
Land is one of the most complex and sensitive residual issues of the conflict and continues to be addressed. In line with the LLRC recommendation, the Government is implementing the Land Commissioner General’s Special Land Circular which provides for the granting of legal ownership of land to those IDPs who have been resettled. In January 2014 alone, 3,623 land requests have been received in the Northern Province. Of this, 2,321 have been resolved, making a total of 24,389 resolutions of 147,504 land requests to date. In the Eastern Province, 490 land requests have been received in January (total 11,662 to date) and 83 have been resolved (total 1,260 to date).
The former High Security Zones (HSZ) have ceased to exist. Palaly cantonment is now the only area in which some security restrictions remain although civilians have unrestricted access to Palaly airport and KKS harbour. Similarly, former HSZ in the Eastern Province, located in the Sampoor area from 2007 has been reduced in extent by 65 per cent and declared a Licensed Zone under the Board of investment.
As at January 2014 the Government has released 19,322 acres of private land and 2,518 acres of State owned land in the Northern Province which were hitherto used by the military. In the East, the Government has released 689 acres of private land and 3,222 acres of State land. Therefore the total figure of lands released in the North and the East amounts to 20,011 acres of private land and 5,740 acres of State land.
The Terms of Reference for a Fourth Land Commission are under preparation. Amendment to the Prescription Ordinance will be presented in Parliament by April, 2014. Steps are being taken to Gazette the necessary Orders under the Special Mediation Boards Act, to establish relevant Boards in certain areas where the armed conflict prevailed, and address certain identified land disputes that have arisen in those areas. This amply demonstrates that allegations of ‘land grabbing’ taking place in the former conflict-affected areas are entirely unfounded.
Full Text Of The Sri Lanka’s Response: ‘Sri Lanka Reiterates Its Continued Cooperation And Engagement With The Work Of UNHRC’ -

Action plan praparation for the 2014 in Trincomalee

Trincomalee district fisheries solidarity movement was conducted action plan preparation work shop   in district cooperative society hall in 11 of January 2014.All the village leaders participated that program and facilitated by NAFSO training team.They mainly focusing Membership formation and strengthen their capacities,  Continue Advocacy  campaign ,Collaboration and build net work with Government and political sectors ,Specially with local government,Continue the training program on alternative livelihood ,Human right ,Women rights and so on

District coordinator welcome the team and presented the objective of the workshop  
Security read the last minutes of the comity 

Facilitate   over view of the NAFSO Action in 2014

prepare  brief action plan

Discussion with women s candidates in provincial council and fisher womens in matara district.

Southern fisher organization,  organized the open forum discussion with women s candidates in  provincial council and fisher womens in matara district.
 There are four women s candidates in matara district. we invited all of them. Except UPFA candidates Anarkali Akarsa, others are participted the meeting.
UNP candidate Nadeesha Hemamali and Sujiwa Damayanthi participated the discussion. Jeewani Champika candidate of democratic party also joint.
More than 250 womens participated and they raised the questionsdirectly about fisherie issues . Candidates explain their planes in their manifesto  specially for womens
and also fisheries issues.Womens wanted to explain about their past experience in political situation after ending the election. it was valuble opportunity for women  to build up, Support and questions after the election

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Indu Sri Lanka fisher trawling issue

NAFSO organize the meeting on Indian trawler  issue at NAFSO training center on 28 th April 2014.North, South fisher leaders , Civil society organization, and Union leaders participate the discussion.